For faculty farewell dinners to full day meetings, for special welcome receptions to routine continental breakfasts, Milton, Chef Peter and the team at Top of the Square understand the paramount importance of thoughtful and timely service. They provide healthy meal and snack options for a wide range of activities. To be a quality caterer in this demanding environment, one has to be a good listener, be open to new ideas and flexibly collaborate with clients. Top of the Square is the partner we require to plan and produce a wide variety of catering events

- Carol Gardner
Director of Special Events
NYU Abu Dhabi






The Importance of Sustainability

Organizations across the world are delving into sustainability initiatives, and the food and beverage industry is no different. As participation in these initiatives grows, the amount of hazards we release into the environment shrinks. The benefits of practicing sustainability are numerous, including a reduction in landfill waste, a decline in chemicals and toxins released into the atmosphere, a lessoning use and dependency on finite resources and a decrease in energy consumption in addition to many others.





Sustainability at NYU

The NYU population has been a large proponent of sustainable procedures for many years. According to the sustainability resources listed on NYU’s website, they utilize the following three components to define what sustainability means:

  • Meeting present needs should not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • There are limitations to nature’s capacity, and these limitations must be respected, or even embraced.
  • Nothing is isolated.  Rather, the world is interconnected across social, economic, and environmental boundaries.

Top of the Square Catering's Sustainable Practices

As a part of both the food and beverage and NYU communities, Top of the Square takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. Therefore, we have opted to take part in sustainability programs of our own. Our sustainable programs is as follows:

  • Sustainable menus - We have designed an entire menu dedicated to sustainable menu options. These sustainable menu items have been an increasingly popular choice for events of all natures. In addition to our sustainable menu, Top of the Square Catering receives fresh produce daily from a local farm for all produce served across all menus. Buying locally-sourced produce is a main contributor in our participating in this ever-important cause.
  • We follow Monterey Bay Seafood Watch guidelines
  • We participate in the University-wide composting and recycling programs
  • We utilize plastarch disposable ware